Make trust a given.

When trust is present ... the topic is not

As architects of the human brand experiences that make brands magnetic, we focus on building enduring relationships between brands and consumers. And like any strong relationship, things work best when nobody questions that trust is a given.

This is a key reason why Distributed Ledgers (such as Blockchain) technology is so well suited for the creation of human brand experience. So much so that we like to think of Distributed Ledgers Technology (DLT) as the ideal "Experience Tech". DLT can make trust a given. A cornerstone of success that allows everyone to focus on growing and improving the relationship itself.

Transparent Human Brand Experience uses Experience Tech

Accenture Interactive enthusiastically uses DLT such as Blockchain to shift the conversation between brands and people to the things they really care about. Things like details about the products they buy, from their components and ingredients to the journey from origin to doorstep. DLT is the ideal “experience tech” and it’s nothing short of game-changing:

  • uniquely bridging the gap between 'privacy' and 'transparency';
  • providing people with the tools to track, trace, share, store and validate information;
  • without having to yield any more personal data than absolutely necessary.

We leverage DLT to give people unprecedented control of their identity while ensuring the ease of transactions.

Making people happier and businesses healthier

We utilize DLT to re-think the ecosystem of interactions between people, organizations and the physical world.

  • Improving and simplifying people's lives;
  • making processes transparent and trustworthy;
  • simultaneously safeguarding the privacy that people expect and deserve.

Easy-to-use, performance-driven DLT applications not only offer an outstanding user experience to a business' customers, but also enable companies and organizations to better self-manage the community connected to their business.

Making it work for you

Future-proof nature management thanks to Blockchain

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How we helped disrupt the insurance sector.

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Not limited to one technology

We work closely with you to choose the technology that best fits your project requirements. We develop and provide support for multiple technologies like Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Ethereum, Quorum, Multichain...

Hyperledger Fabric

Let’s talk about what DLT like Blockchain can mean for the experiences you offer to people.

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