Junior Business Designer

Junior Business Designer

When you hear ”your strategy needs a soul”, you instantly get goosebumps.

Our Business Designers are integral to any design project. The strategists, pragmatists, and creative thinkers on our team establish people-centric business strategies for our clients, fusing the practices of design and strategy to structure the business impact of design at a strategic, operational, and organizational level.

As a Business Designer, you will help the design and wider project team with research to understand user and client needs, identify design opportunities, and create meaningful and viable experiences. Design is the problem-solving paradigm of our age, and Business Design is our way of shaping and influencing the world. As a Business Design team we solve and reframe business problems using a design mindset. We help our clients build their future, from measurement and KPI modelling through to organizational impact and strategic roadmapping. We mix several languages at once (human, operational, technical and financial) to find the best path to achieve the greatest impact.


Your tasks

  • You will dive deep into a wide range of research materials: client materials, interviews, external sources, surveys, analytics, … to build a holistic point of view on potential opportunity areas or white spaces.

  • You will support stakeholder and customer interviews by recording observations and synthesising learnings.

  • You will help reframe and solve business problems using a design mindset.

  • You will research and communicate insightful, fresh messages for clients and colleagues.

  • You will help prepare and facilitate ideation and co-creation sessions, taking into account people’s liquid expectations.

  • You will help identify risky assumptions and design experiments to test your assumptions.

  • You will help facilitate communication across disciplines at the project level to create alignment.

  • You will contribute to projects to ensure it meets client needs as per stakeholder needs and business conversations.

  • You will help on thought leadership, global and local, e.g. Fjord Trends.


Your Skills

  • You have experience with Excel and/or other analysis tools, PowerPoint, Keynote and or software for presentation purposes.

  • You are familiar with Sketch, Figma, InVision, Adobe suite or other prototyping methods. You have the ability to learn new tools in real time.

  • You like solving complex problems and you have a strong personal mission to help your client and project team find truths and challenge orthodoxies.

  • You are interested in uncovering unmet customer needs, and defining new value propositions and business models.

  • You like experimenting with technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud and you are able to understand its potential for new propositions and experiences.

  • You are interested in business model experimentation and de-risking new business ideas through a range of research techniques.

  • You are interested in fusing design with other areas of work, such as brand, measurement, KPIs, organizational design, sprint methodology, venturing, value/business case generation, product management, agile methodologies, lean start-up,…


Your attitude

  • You want to make a difference in people’s lives and are convinced that Design and Experience are the key drivers.

  • You are open to learning new things and you know that every day, there is so much to be learned.

  • You share inspiration and thought leadership with the design team, the wider Interactive team and your clients.

  • You are comfortable working in a fast-moving organization.

  • You are happy to take responsibility over certain deliverables and are eager to stay involved until the end of a project.

  • You are a natural in building bridges with many parts of the Accenture organisation.

  • You have the heart of a designer and the head of a business person. Or is it the other way around?

Is Kunstmaan a demanding employer? Yes. But we’re passionate and fun too!

Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive is an incredible place to work - and keep learning. By joining us, you’ll become part of a global company with a world-class brand and reputation.  Besides the work we do for our clients, we’re really proud of our vibrant, diverse workplace culture: we believe in openness and honesty, fairness and equality, common sense and realism. We want to get to know the real you and help you explore and grow - whatever it is you're great at. So you will always have lots of learning opportunities (formal and informal) to improve your role-specific skills and expertise.

Our offer

On top of your salary and standard leave, you’ll get:

  • a 13th month and holiday allowance,
  • a company car with fuel card,
  • 20 + 12 days of leave
  • flexible working hours,
  • a MacBook Pro,
  • a mobile phone(iPhone/Samsung),
  • hospitalisation and group insurance,
  • a bonus programme,
  • a Green mobility programme: e-bikes, public transport, bike 2 work allowance, etc.
  • Flexrewards,
  • a discount programme: get discounts at your favourite (online) shops,
  • an opportunity to participate in the shares plan,
  • Eco cheques,
  • a kitchen with fresh fruit, rivers of freshly-ground coffee and a well-stocked fridge,
  • a spacious terrace with the best view of Leuven,
  • wonderful colleagues from whom you’re going to learn a lot,
  • tons of literature (if you like reading),
  • sweets,
  • and some equally sweet trips to the best seminars and training courses.

And yep, you can believe your eyes. In addition to our head office at the Phillipssite in Leuven, there are also Kunstmaan offices near the Zuid in Antwerpen and in Brussel. You can work at these locations: the key is not to waste any time in traffic. At all other times, we support remote working and we’re fanatical users of Slack and video chat to keep in constant close contact.

Ready to join us?

Go! Send an e-mail with your CV. Impress us and we might invite you to explain the rest to us face to face.