PHP/Symfony Developer

PHP/Symfony Developer

Come sing us your song, Symfony-developer!

Saying it in words will do the trick too. And if you’re truly the Mozart of Symfony/PHP development we seek, you can trouser your ticket to SymfonyCon straight away. Because at Kunstmaan, we not only want the best, we also want you to stay the best!

At Kunstmaan, a Symfony developer is someone who makes their mark on a project. Who helps determine the technical choices, the architecture and the plan of action. Who’s involved and feels involved in every phase of the project, from strategy to design to development. Yup, we know it’s a tall order. 

That's why:

  • You will of course be working with Symfony/PHP (Kunstmaan open-source content management framework) and third-party libraries via Composer, but you’ll also be able to effortlessly get your head around other frameworks or tools such as Git, databases (MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, etc.), Twig, Doctrine, message queues, Jenkins, Docker, as well as carry out basic server management.  
  • You have a good understanding of HTML5, CSS and JS too
  • You’ll need analytical insight: you can translate (technical) designs into functionalities.
  • Affinity with Test-Driven Development and Domain-Driven Design is a plus.
  • You’ll be scouring the internet for the next big thing and you’ll want to explore this and convert it into projects.
  • You’ll enjoy sitting in a war room or at the kitchen table with a team of developers with all kinds of specialisations, user experience experts, digital marketeers, etc.
  • You’ll do this in an agile way with a great scrum master to support you.
  • You have at least 2 years’ experience, wide interests and a great personality so everyone at Kunstmaan will want you on their team for every project.

Is Kunstmaan demanding? Yes. But it’s passionate and fun too!

You’ll be working on truly challenging projects: award-winning platforms, new standards in different industries, and digital solutions in an international context.

On top of your salary and standard leave, you’ll get:

  • a 13th month and holiday allowance,
  • a company car with fuel card,
  • 20 + 12 days of leave
  • flexible working hours,
  • a MacBook Pro,
  • a mobile phone(iPhone/Samsung),
  • hospitalisation and group insurance,
  • a bonus programme,
  • a Green mobility programme: e-bikes, public transport, bike 2 work allowance, etc.
  • Flexrewards,
  • a discount programme: get discounts at your favourite (online) shops,
  • an opportunity to participate in the shares plan,
  • Eco cheques,
  • a kitchen with fresh fruit, rivers of freshly-ground coffee and a well-stocked fridge,
  • a spacious terrace with the best view of Leuven,
  • wonderful colleagues from whom you’re going to learn a lot,
  • tons of literature (if you like reading),
  • sweets,
  • and some equally sweet trips to the best seminars and training courses.

And yep, you can believe your eyes. In addition to our head office at the Phillipssite in Leuven, there are also Kunstmaan offices near the Zuid in Antwerpen and in Brussel. You can work at these locations: the key is not to waste any time in traffic. At all other times, we support remote working and we’re fanatical users of Slack and video chat to keep in constant close contact.

Ready to join us?

What are you waiting for? Send an e-mail with your CV and a link to your work in open source on GitHub or in blog posts, for example, or a link to the professional projects you’ve completed. Impress us and we might invite you to explain the rest to us face to face

Dimitri Zetzsche
Dimitri Zetzsche
Head of custom development
+32 474 44 08 55