1 + 5: Albert Heijn displays the greatest promo ever

1 + 5: Albert Heijn displays the greatest promo ever

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Leuven, 19 February 2021 - Wet wipes, crisps, dust cloths ... are just some of the things that people always run short on. With this life experience in mind, Albert Heijn Belgium presents a full week of 1+5 combo promos: buy one product to get 5 complementary products for free. For example, one pack of nappies will get you five packs of wet wipes. An extraordinary solution for ordinary concerns.

One plus five for free. With this unprecedented promotional stunt, Albert Heijn Belgium offers families an ideal moment to replenish their stock at low cost. Moreover, each combo promo has special significance, combining two inseparable items as one offer: gin and tonic, a deep fryer and frying fat, pizza dough and tomatoes, avocados and wraps, laundry detergent and scent beads …

"The idea was born at Kunstmaan’s kitchen table," explains Els Merlier Merlier, Director Marketing & Communications at Ahold Belgium. "As a grocer who understands life challenges, we are actively seeking intelligent solutions in collaboration with Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive. The fact that we could realise this brilliant idea with the full support of our powerful sales team is truly fantastic."

With this unique stunt, Albert Heijn is once again helping all Flemings with their daily choice for better, easy and affordable food. "As an agency that wants to make people's lives easier and better, this is an initiative that we literally relish," says Valerie Vleminckx, Head of Communicate at Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive.

The campaign includes TV spots, radio spots and a social media campaign. People are also served up inspiration via Instagram Stories; with a few swipes you can learn about delicious combo recipes that call for five bananas and a jar of chocolate, for example.