Spreading Window Wishes with<br>Albert Heijn and Joe

Spreading Window Wishes with
Albert Heijn and Joe

Leuven, 21 December 2020 - What do you do if you have to stay in your home this Christmas? How do you convey warm Christmas wishes if your social contact is kept to a minimum? Easy, they thought at Albert Heijn, Joe and Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive: you spread them through your window, with the Window Wishes.

Anyone shopping at Albert Heijn during the Christmas period will receive a special poster to take home with them. This allows you to pass on your Christmas wishes, or better still, Window Wishes, to everyone who passes by your house. This way you can send warm greetings to the whole neighbourhood, safely from your home.

Joe's team help to spread the window wishes nationally while Sven and Anke tell the stories of the people behind the wishes every day through the radio. From teachers who miss their colleagues and students, to grandchildren who want to see their grandparents again, Sven and Anke’s heartwarming radio is guaranteed to bring people closer together.

This month's Window Wishes can be seen on many windows in Flanders: in all Albert Heijn shop windows, on the screens of our smartphones and tablets, and on the windows of well-known and unknown Flemish people. Who knows, some wishes may even come true.

"How can we celebrate Christmas together, but separately? We were looking for a human, warm answer to that question. Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive formulated a beautiful and appealing answer in no time", says Els Merlier, Director Marketing & Communications Ahold Belgium.

"With the Window Wishes we provide a pinch of extra solidarity in the neighbourhood. Besides, my wish is already there: that next year we don't need windows to wish each other all the best", says Bout Holtof, Creative Director at Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive.