Another leap for Kunstmaan with Flying Start BOA win for KBC

Another leap for Kunstmaan with Flying Start BOA win for KBC

Leuven – 27 April 2018 - For its motivational and effective KBC Flying Start campaign, Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive won a BRONZE Best of Activation Award at the annual BOA Awards Event in Brussels last evening in the category Integrated Communication.

The campaign was constructed to literally fling teenagers into the air as a symbolic first leap towards a world of financial independence. Activation was inspired by a deep understanding of this pivotal decision for parents of teens as they gradually loosen their parental reins to prepare a child for responsible adulthood. By harnessing this process of “letting go” into a memorable, liberating experience, the idea of giving a teenager a Flying Start in life was literally transformed into an exciting “blob jump” event. Targeting both teens and parents, the campaign met its goal with 50% more new youth accounts opened in just five weeks, a veritable leap for KBC, its clients and Kunstmaan when it comes to creating meaningful customer engagement.

“As an agency specialized in creating compelling brand experiences, we firmly believe that the success of this campaign is due to its direct response to the genuine expectations of parents,” says Wim Vanhaeren, Managing Director of Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive. “Letting go and granting a teenager more independence is as much a rite of passage for parents as for their teens, and this campaign provided KBC with an opportunity to demonstrate to both stakeholders that they truly understand and value the trust placed in them by their customers – whatever the age.”

Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive designed an integrated approach with a multi-touchpoint plan, connecting with KBC clients through social media, direct mail, direct e-mail, at KBC branches and via TV sponsorship. The Flying Start “blob jump” event provided a relevant human dimension to capture the emotional side of opening a first youth account.Teens were then able to share the footage of their symbolic leap towards financial independence across social media, expanding the overall reach and visibility of the campaign.

“The KBC youth account makes it really easy for teenagers to take their first steps towards financial independence, especially with user-friendly tools such as the free KBC K’Ching app. This campaign allowed us to talk about this in a both playful and impactful way”, says Valérie Bracke, Head of Brand, Media and External Communications at KBC.

This award-winning campaign represents another exciting acknowledgment for experience agency Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive, recently named the 2017 Most Effective Agency of the Year by the Belgian Effie organization, and currently ranked #1 Digital Agency in Belgium (Digimedia).