At home with Albert Heijn

At home with Albert Heijn

Nederlandse versie onderaan / Version française ci-dessous

Leuven – 30 July 2020 - With now more than 52 stores in Flanders, Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn is launching an at home delivery service in the Antwerp region. Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive is helping people discover the "Albert Heijn aan huis" experience in Flanders.

Albert Heijn's at home delivery service has existed in the Netherlands for a longer period of time and is now being extended to Flanders. Online shopping is already possible on the website via a collection point system. Today, an at home delivery service has been added. A few peripheral municipalities in the city of Antwerp can test the new service before it is rolled out further.

Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive has named the service "Albert Heijn aan huis". An elevated billboard and a locally targeted social media campaign will promote the new service to the wider neighbourhood.

"We really want to bring the pleasure of Albert Heijn's to people at home,” says Thijs Duyzings, Head of Marketing & Communications Online at Albert Heijn. "The less time you spend shopping, the more time you have left for the moments that really matter. That's why we hope to be at home with all Belgians soon. We are also happy to facilitate such a pleasant neighbourhood welcome for "Albert Heijn aan huis"

"As an Experience agency, we want people and brands to feel at home together,” says Bout Holtof, Creative Director at Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive. "And this really is in the DNA of Albert Heijn, the cosiest grocer in the Netherlands. If there is one thing we have noticed recently, it is that moments together are extremely precious. It is wonderful that a brand like Albert Heijn can play a role.”