Beating stress with Mensura

Beating stress with Mensura

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LEUVEN, 27 November 2019 – According to a large-scale study by Mensura, the External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work, one in four employees in Belgium finds it difficult to process stress at work. It appears to be a continuous problem, too. Every autumn, there is a spike in the number of burn-outs. Mensura is committed to tackling this with a positive approach.

As an expert in the field of prevention, safety and health, Mensura is committed to bring about the largest possible number of happy, healthy and motivated employees on the work floor. This was recently communicated in their autumn campaign ‘Samen sterk aan het werk / Tous plus forts au travail’ (translated as ‘Together, we oppress the stress’), which they developed in close collaboration with Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive.

In this campaign, Mensura puts six experts forward. It is their job to reinforce HR staff and prevention advisors all across Belgium, the ultimate goal being to improve the way employees deal with stress. The experts work in pairs and are each strong in one of three essential themes: absenteeism, resilience, and vitality on the work floor. Together with Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive, Mensura also developed a number of resources – including e-books, workshops and analytical tools – to identify and combat stress at work. The campaign consists of a landing page with tips and tricks, concrete tools, and inspirational videos in which the experts speak. Furthermore, the campaign is supported by a sophisticated digital communication plan.

We want to excite HR staff by sharing our vision,” says Bart Teuwen of Mensura, one of the campaign’s featured experts. ”We hope they will not only be inspired, we also want them to feel supported by us. That will enable us, together, to genuinely make a difference when it comes to how stress is experienced. That can only help companies improve and get healthier. This campaign is one step in the right direction; in the long term, we aim at reversing the survey’s concerning figures.”

Stijn Jacquemyn, Creative Director at Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive, adds: “Our collaboration with Mensura has just become even more valuable. The solutions and ideas we conceive together always aim to improve life on the work floor every day. Surely, the happier we are at work, the better. The latter is literally Mensura’s main reason for existence. And as an Experience Agency, we are extremely happy to contribute.