Changing the game with StreetSmart Play

Changing the game with StreetSmart Play

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Leuven, October 2019 - Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive has partnered with Belgian non-profit organisation Mobile School to develop StreetSmart Play, a global online community for people who work with youth in over 28 countries. The playful website not only provides educators, social workers and youth movement leaders with swift access to educational games; the platform also encourages these site users to upload games and share their personal experiences, to stimulate peer creativity and to empower the children with whom they work.

“Games are universally fun and an easy way to connect with youth and help them advance. Yet finding the right games for specific youth or about specific topics can be a challenge,” says Arnoud Raskin of Mobile School. “StreetSmart Play will be a game-changer that inspires powerful change through the power of community.”

“As an Experience Agency, we are dedicated to creating experiences that in turn create a better world,” says Roeland Gielen, Managing Director Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive. “A digital platform like StreetSmart Play demonstrates the important role that technology can play in affecting positive change in the physical, day-to-day relationships between social workers and educators and the young people they serve. Tech for good is an important component of Experience for good, and that’s the reason we go to work every day. Working with Mobile School has been a genuine privilege.”

The StreetSmart Play website was developed under the banner of Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP). The ADP allows development organizations around the world to tap into the best of Accenture capabilities to create projects with positive societal impact.