Corona Direct Insurances takes distance from corona

Corona Direct Insurances takes distance from corona

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LEUVEN, 23 April 2020 – Corona Direct Insurances has a slightly unfortunate name these days. That’s why the direct insurer is temporarily putting a strike through its logo. At the same time, Corona Direct is proving that its insurance products are anything but a strike through your bank account. Clients with a Kilometer insurance, for example, will be reimbursed a combined total of approximately 4.1 million euros.

The corona crisis is badly hurting companies, and things are even worse if your company brand name also includes the word ‘Corona’. “We are not alone, as there appear to be another 126 Belgians out there whose name is Corona. But we must press forward, because our Kilometer insurance is truly a very relevant insurance, also in times of crisis. Our reimbursements show that,” explains brand new CEO Els Blaton.

The corona crisis also means that automobiles are currently not on the roads. Corona Direct Insurances calculated that we will drive up to 30 percent fewer kilometers this year. That is good portfolio news for drivers with a Kilometer insurance. They only pay for the kilometers that are actually driven. Fewer kilometers means a lower premium. Because no driving means no paying. That’s only fair. Especially today. Corona Direct estimates that it will reimburse a total of 4,1 million euros.

What people expect from brands today is help. Products and services that make their lives better. Even if Corona Direct doesn’t have an ideal name for the moment, the Kilometer insurance helps drivers to digest the crisis a little more easily,“ says Bout Holtof, Creative Director at Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive.

Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive translated that sentiment in an honest video shared on all social channels of the direct insurer. Given the unfortunate name, Corona Direct is also temporarily striking the name from its logo in all communication. A digital campaign will follow in a second phase.

Already with a positive effect”, according to Karel Byloos, Head of Marketing at Corona Direct Insurances. “Some announce with pride that they are clients, and others thank us for our fair products. The appropriateness and speed with which Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive brought this story to life is unheard of.”