Kind en Gezin grows further with the launch of their new website

Kind en Gezin grows further with the launch of their new website

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LEUVEN, 12 July 2021 - Accenture Interactive and Opgroeien (Growing Up) are launching the new website. The result is a clear, user-friendly and familiar site where current and soon-to-be parents can quickly find the answers to all of their questions. With 3.2 million visitors per year, is already the main reference point for parents, nurses and childcare providers in Flanders and Brussels. Whether it is about pregnancy, nutrition, parenting, childcare or more general care, everything is covered. 

In order to come to an intuitive and user-friendly website, Opgroeien and Accenture Interactive spoke extensively with parents, doctors and nurses. They wanted a website where: 

- information could be found quickly and easily  

- readability and accessibility of the website would be enabled by design  

- the user experience would be pleasant on every device 

Kind en Gezin was broadly involved in the development of the new website, working on prototypes and website texts with Accenture Interactive. Kind en Gezin’s social media channels were also used to ask followers to thoroughly test the new site. You can discover the result on

"Thanks to the approach of Accenture Interactive, we can ensure that what we offer is tailored to the needs of modern-day families more than ever before. The fact that they test with parents and professionals ensures that our new website is more than a platform for providing the best possible guidance to the children and parents of today and tomorrow. Every child has the right to grow up with equal opportunities and it can hardly be more meaningful than that", says Steven Strynckx, Communication Strategist Opgroeien. 

Press release Kind en Gezin.

"On the new website, the user experience is central, like it is in all of our projects. We are proud that through our holistic approach and thanks to the great collaboration with the team of Opgroeien, we were able to reinvest in a new website. This way, we are also contributing to a better future for children in Flanders", says Valerie Vleminckx, Head of Communicate & Run Accenture Interactive. 

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