Kunstmaan scores with an Effie hat trick

Kunstmaan scores with an Effie hat trick

At last night’s Effie Award ceremony it was announced that Kunstmaan (now part of Accenture Interactive) and its client Bolero (KBC Securities), won a Silver Effie Award for the Bolero on-line investment platform campaigns. Kunstmaan also won a Bronze Effie Award for the Corona Direct insurance frog campaign, as well as a Bronze Effie Award for the threshold-reducing campaign for Lapperre hearing aids. According to Kunstmaan, these awards are proof that their focus on combining creativity, communications, brand, technology and digital experiences is genuinely effective.


Wim Vanhaeren (Managing Director and Founder, Kunstmaan): “Kunstmaan is extremely proud of this deserved recognition. We have always believed in combining creative communication, design and technology to create superior brand experiences. Today this approach is more relevant than ever for companies that seek sustained growth. Customer experience throughout the entire customer relationship with a brand, its products and services is key for us and the starting point for everything we do and deliver.”

Bob De Smedt (Managing Director and Brand Strategist): “This is about so much more than creating campaigns. We are extremely proud that we are able to make our clients stronger in their market by helping them to transform the experiences that they offer to their customers. That only works by partnering with them at various levels. The essential point of departure is a razorsharp vision about their brand, and the combination of strategic, creative and technological skills that we have inhouse that allow us to transform that vision into reality. The fact that we are now a part of Accenture Interactive gives us even more potential and impact in these areas.“

A common belief about the importance of world-class customer experience and its impact on the entire corporate flow led to the acquisition of Kunstmaan last April by Accenture Interactive. Accenture Interactive (one of the pillars of the worldwide management and technology consulting company Accenture) has made more than 20 strategic agency acquisitions since 2009 (including the international Fjord agency, London-based Karmarama, and Kunstmaan in Belgium), all of which share the same ambition to create the best human brand experiences.

With the unique combination of creativity, design, technology and consulting, Accenture Interactive offers a complete and relevant answer for this integrated question from today’s companies. And the ambition is high, according to Anatoly Roytman, Managing Director Accenture Interactive and EALA Lead: “Our ambition is to become the first “experience agency of record” for our global clients. We want to partner with our clients as the custodian of their brand experience. Today, brands have a need for an agency that can manage the entirety of their customer experience proposition at every touch point – from the inception of an idea to developing and designing a product, building awareness and then selling and distributing it.”

The award-winning brands


Bolero – Silver Effie Award

In 2014, Kunstmaan already won a Bronze Effie Award for the strong business results that followed the successful rebranding and re-launch of this online investment platform. From that point on, Kunstmaan was Bolero’s partner for branding, communication and the technical development of the Bolero platform.

The platform won public prizes two years in a row for the investment platform with the Best User Experience (Best Online Broker 2015 & 2016). In 2015 and 2016, Bolero and Kunstmaan continued their integrated partnership at every level of strategy, service design, user experience, development, communication and campaigns, exceeding forecast business results year after year. All objectives were exceeded with a doubling of the client base and the tripling of the total assets under management. Bolero grew in three years from a forgotten market player to the number 1 brand in every commercial KPI.


Corona Direct – Bronze Effie Award

Kunstmaan realized a similar transformation together with the direct insurer Corona Direct. Together they turned the brand into a strong challenger with brand parameters and record sales figures that continue to climb.

Since the introduction of a frog it has become even clearer what Corona Dirrrrrect stands for. Customer experience on the website and in every other point of contact undergoes a constant process of evaluation and improvement.


Lapperre – Bronze Effie Award

The objective to increase the sales of hearing aids by 10% for market leader Lapperre was an ambitious objective. A threshold-reducing “talking ear” campaign was created to depersonalize and shift hearing problems from “the person” to “the ear”. In this way, Kunstmaan removed the stigma around the product and made the topic more accessible and easier to discuss. Combined with an improved price perception, all brand variables shot through the roof.