How destroying our prestigious award reflects our pride and effectiveness

For an agency that creates experience, there was no bigger thrill in 2017 than the night that Kunstmaan and our clients shared the pride and joy of our first Effie Hattrick. Three times we were named for our effective work for Bolero, Corona Direct and Lapperre, with one Silver and two Bronze Effie Awards respectively.

And the story only gets better. As the year’s biggest winner, we were recently recognized as Belgium’s ‘Most Effective Agency of the Year’. It’s a reward that doesn’t just recognize our agency, but all of the people who are part of it, because you can’t create effective work without effective people.

Our 107 creative, straightforward and relentless people share the same goal: to design the best human brand experiences that, together with highly effective campaigns, consistently result in transformative business results for our clients.

In short, our new recognition confirms the achievements of our ‘Most Effective People of the Year’. And that’s why we literally gave everyone his or her piece of it.