Hey! Meet Matti: Belgium’s first smart investment assistant

Hey! Meet Matti: Belgium’s first smart investment assistant

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For many years, the shared mission of the Bolero online investment platform and Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive is to ensure that Belgians can invest with both ease and might. And that will now be even easier with Bolero’s newest brainchild Matti: Belgium’s first smart investment assistant. Matti not only makes it easy for Belgians to invest, but also helps them with investing.

A recent survey conducted for Bolero by research agency iVOX proves that the relationship between Belgians and their money is complex. Seven of every ten Belgians agree with the notion that saving money doesn’t yield anything and even costs money. Even so, Belgians continue to keep their money parked in savings accounts.

Belgians simply don’t dare to invest. Although six of every ten know that investing yields more, only three of ten actually dare to do so. Their reasons: ‘I don’t know enough about it’, ‘I find it too difficult, ‘I don’t have time for it’ and ‘Investing is not suited for regular people like me’.

Yet the same study also showed that Belgians are indeed fans of new technology that makes their lives easier. Combine these two insights and one can surmise that Belgians are conservative savers who appreciate innovative technology.

It is at this juncture that online investment platform Bolero presents Matti: Belgium’s first smart investment assistant. Matti is built by the math wizards of KBC and is based on the Modern Portfolio Theory, a Nobel Prize-winning economic model.


Successful brands are those that are built around people. Matti is the perfect example of a product that grew out of the everyday financial concerns of average Belgians. As an Experience Agency we embrace innovations that make lives better and easier. And that is precisely what Matti will do,” says Gert Pauwels, Managing Director of Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive.

We’ve assisted Bolero with the strategic positioning, naming, branding, and content, as well as the complete launch communication. As the first of its type, Matti will be introducing itself around the country with a simple ‘Hey’: on the radio, in newspapers, via banners, on social, to tech influencers … And all of that with one single message: With me, Matti, it’s now possible for everyone to invest money easily and wisely. Even if you don’t have much financial knowledge, time or capital.

Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive has been our valued partner for years with whom we have rightly won multiple Effie awards”, says Sarah De Pauw, Head of Marketing for Bolero. “Once again, we have together brought another child to life. I am certain that Matti will make investing even easier and more accessible.”

Matti enables investing as of 1,000 euros, and charges no entrance, exit or transaction fees. The smart assistant constantly monitors portfolios and notifies investors of opportunities or risks. The investor then chooses whether or not to adapt their portfolio.