Yann Balbaert to lead Digital Marketing Transformation at Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive

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Leuven, 4 March 2021 - Yann Balbaert has joined Accenture Interactive as the new Digital Marketing Transformation Lead, having been won over by the company’s positioning around the ‘Business of experience’, a holistic approach that enables companies to become truly consumer-oriented while securing financial growth.

Yann Balbaert is delighted to be able to work alongside the experts of Accenture Interactive, within a network that combines technology, data, communication and media: “I will bring a pragmatic approach for the benefit of companies and brands who are confronted, more than ever, with consumers’ high expectations,” he says.

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Yann will help us to drive and develop our service in digital marketing transformation. The approach we foresee entails a holistic analysis of a client’s entire marketing-ecosystem – a highly complex process – while identifying areas where efficiency gains can be made. Identifying those gains will in return make it possible for clients to reinvest in performance and scaling up on one hand, and to efficiently develop their marketing portfolio on the other, through our use of artificial intelligence and deep learning to significantly lower our clients’ acquisition costs,” explains Gert Pauwels, Managing Director Kunstmaan Accenture Interactive.

Prior to joining Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive, Yann Balbaert was Head of Digital at Havas Brussels and Air Brussels. He developed his expertise while working as Data Strategist with Actito, a Belgian platform for marketing automation, and as Digital Strategist within the ‘Heaven can wait’ cluster of the Cronos Group.

Active in the digital sector, Balbaert also acts as mentor-at-home for Creative Belgium and as an educator at the Solvay Brussels School for the Executive Master in Digital Marketing programme.

Want to know more about Yann Balbaert? Do not hesitate to reach out at balbaert.yann@accenture.com or on +32 (0)486 77 68 30.