Welcome to our family Kind & Gezin!

Welcome to our family Kind & Gezin!

We are the new communications partner of Kind en Gezin. Over the next four years, we will be responsible for the communications of Kind en Gezin (and the recently established government agency Opgroeien) to make the wide range of Kind en Gezin’s services available to all current and future parents.​

"The choice for Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive feels right," says Steven Strynckx, Communication Strategist at Kind en GezinKinden Gezin is there for everyone but our society is extremely diverse. Through their comprehensive approach, and by explicitly starting with the most difficult-to-reach target groups, Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive fits in perfectly with the vision of Kind en Gezin. Our services must be easily accessible for all parents today, regardless of their family situation, and on all channels. Together with Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive we will work hard on this in the coming years.”


We look forward to collaborating with one of the most important government agencies in Flanders. Kind en Gezin wants to respond to the needs and expectations of current and prospective families in an easily accessible manner to create as many opportunities as possible for all children. This objective is closely in line with the philosophy of Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive: improving people's lives in as many ways as possible by focusing on enduring human brand experiences. 

"We are happy and honoured to now count Kind en Gezin and the new agency Opgroeien as part of our family", concludes Roeland Gielen, Managing Director of Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive. “We will combine all of our strengths and expertise as we gather together around the table. That is the way to ensure that the unique brand experience of Kind en Gezin seamlessly meets the expectations of all parents. Together we will strive to build a close, long-term bond between Kind en Gezin and the endless new generations of parents to be.

For the PR part of the assignment, we will join forces with communication agency FINN in Brussels. Together, we will develop a strategy with which Kind en Gezin can use all of its channels to reach all families in Flanders, and vulnerable target groups in particular.