Who is De Hond? Corona Direct sinks their teeth on De Mol to put its Dog Insurance policies policy in the spotlight

Who is De Hond? Corona Direct sinks their teeth on De Mol to put its Dog Insurance policies policy in the spotlight

LEUVEN, the 5th of May 2021 - Dogs have a great sense of smell, but do the participants of ‘De Hond’ have such a good nose? For six weeks, eight candidates will try to unmask the four-legged friend among them. Who digs the deepest? Who is on the leash? Who is... De Hond?

‘De Hond’ (‘The Dog') is an original idea by Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive launched earlier this month as a parody of popular Belgian reality show ‘De Mol’ (‘The Mole’). The aim is to promote the dog insurance policy of Corona Direct, sponsor of the show’s ninth season. 

Eight candidates compete in six short webisodes on wieisdehond.be. Their mission? Not to unmask De Mol, but to unmask De Hond. De Hond’s participants play rough and at times dirty, literally. After each episode of De Mol, viewers also find out which ‘Hond’ has to leave De Hond. Viewers can also participate by voting for their favourite ‘Hond’ each week through an online voting module for a chance of winning one of five dog insurance policies offered by Corona Direct.

"Excitement is guaranteed", states Stijn Jacquemyn, Creative Director at Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive. "Instead of classic billboards, we offer dog and mole lovers an additional interactive experience, because we believe that engagement plays an important role in an effective marketing strategy. In this way, we are not only highlighting dog insurance, but also demonstrating that Corona Direct wants to build a close relationship with its (potential) customers and... their dogs."

"Although pet insurance is on the rise, only 1.5% of all dogs in Belgium are insured," continues Karel Byloos, Head of Marketing and Communications at Corona Direct. "Thanks to this fun spin-off from De Mol, we are gaining access to the audience of the original concept that brings together more than one million viewers every week. And... we are even attracting some seasoned Mol fans to our mini website, where they will be diligently looking for hints and clues to unmask the real Mol. But above all, we are making it clear in a unique way that a dog deserves insurance, too."

The corona-proof production was in the hands of Bozon which asked director Jan Boon (director of Wat als?, Carlsberg Border Football and Seth & Riley's to name a few) to direct the show. Jan, who is familiar with this type of format, operated one of the two cameras himself to make sure that the humour in the scripts translated onto the screen.